About Us

Rosun Coconuts Private Ltd. is a prominent worldwide producer of coconut products. ‘Sriphala’, the fruit of the Gods, is procured and processed to meet our customer requirements and specifications. Rosun exports an indisputable quality of coconut products to the international markets of the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, South America, Japan and countries of the Far East. Rosun’s location is well known for the cultivation of the highest quality coconut crops resulting from the tropical climate, farmer training, modern farming techniques and environmentally friendly processes.

Rosun focuses on the manufacturing of excellent quality products. Rosun is leading the market in the manufacture and export of exceptional quality coconut products. Rosun supplies a variety of products including coconut water, coconut milk, and desiccated coconut powder. Coconuts are used in foods, drinks, oils, and medicines. The coconut palm leaves are used to make baskets, mats, clothes, fiber for ropes and their wood helps to build houses and boats.

Our vision is to exceed the certifications and expectations of various industries and our customers. Rosun is equipped with resources that can meet increasing demands in the international market including state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, worldwide distribution logistics and customized customer solutions. Rosun has dedicated and tailored services to meet our customer’s individual requirements, irrespective of the quantity requested.

Rosun offers our customers quality products, excellent service and a significant international market presence. Rosun is dedicated to continuing high quality, ethical operations for the satisfaction of our customers and our employees. Rosun ensures a sustainable production and supply through the in-house cultivation of pure raw materials. This allows us to produce excellent quality products at cost effective prices.

Rosun is continually evolving and aspires to improve products and service quality through the utilization of the latest technology combined with extensive research. All products undergo rigorous quality testing and clinical approval prior to sale, this ensures the consistency of Rosun products and gives our customers piece of mind. Our quality control and research development teams work tirelessly in the enhancement and quality of products and our production processes. Our research team endeavors to bring new products to the market to meet the specialized requirements of our customers.

Desiccated Coconuts

Coconut Water

Coconut Water Powder

Coconut Palm Sugar

Dairy Free Coconut milk Powder

RBD Coconut oil

Coconut Milk

Coconut Cream

Coconut Chips

Coconut Flour

Rosun Coconut Products include

Virgin Coconut Oil

DME Coconut Oil

Coconut Milk Powder


In order to cater to the markets of the United States & Canada, we have now established our marketing office in Montreal, Canada and warehousing facilities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. 
Rosun assures 100% competitive pricing for higher quality ingredients and are competitive in terms of quality, quantity and yearlong supply.

To know more about our products and services, please contact our marketing offices.