Rosun is renowned for its pure and natural coconut milk powder. It is remarkably fresh and the flavor is undoubtedly the best that the market has to offer. This milk powder is obtained from the best quality of coconuts.The state of art technology ensures that the texture, flavour, scent, color and freshness is not lost. The shell is broken, the white meat is sterilized and the milk is extracted. As per the hygienic norms it is standardized, pasteurized, homogenized, spray dried and packaged as per the market norms. Varieties of Rosun’s coconut milk are low fat desiccated coconut and whole fat dessicated coconut. The powder is so smooth that it dissolves completely in warm water and makes a creamy coconut milk.


  • Instant coconut milk is a great convenience as it is easy and quick to use and all the messy procedures of manually extraction is avoided.
  • 25 gms of coconut milk hygienically prepared is a smart replacement of 1.75 coconuts used for milk extraction.
  • It is bio friendly since the milk is extracted naturally and is completely free from preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavors.

Packaging Standards

Rosun has the facilities of bulk institutional packaging of 25 kg in corrugated cartons with double inner heat sealed poly-liner.