The elixir of life is very sensitive to air and sunlight. The coconut water starts losing its nutrients the moment it comes out of the nut. Rosun has the savvy technology to package the fresh coconut water, without this harmful exposure. With Rosun’s processing and packaging solutions, it has a long shelf life and stays fresh for months with all its nutrients, intact.


  • This refreshing drink is sans cholesterol, fat and is packed with vitamins, calcium and minerals
  • The taste is sweet and is a unique mixture of sugar, enzymes, electrolytes, amino acids, cytokine and phytohormones
  • Helps in flushing toxins and prevents intestinal gas and helps the digestive tracts to absorb the nutrients
  • The use of this nature’s gift is obvious as it is said that in the olden days it was used as an emergency IV solutions

Packaging Standards

Rosun has the facilities of bulk institutional packaging of 25 kg in corrugated cartons with double inner heat sealed poly-liner.