Rosun is committed to providing safe, wholesome and pure coconut products that meet the high expectation of our customers. The quality control department has a team of dedicated and experienced technicians to oversee the specialized testing procedures in our in-house laboratories. Rosun quality control testing commences with the screening of raw materials prior to reaching the production unit. We monitor the products analytically from the commencement of processing until the final product to ensure 100% quality assurance. Our in-house and associated facilities have ISO 9001:2008 and GMP certifications. The quality of the final product is maintained consistently and is internationally compliant. The entire process of manufacture is standardized and is done under controlled conditions. Rosun factories are of world standard especially in quality assurance and product certification.


Rosun Coconuts Private Ltd. has invested heavily in setting up one of the world’s most advanced laboratories for research and development. Rosun facilities are equipped with high-tech instruments and the latest technology. Rosun is continually evolving and aspires to improve products and service quality through the utilization of the latest technology combined with extensive research and experimentation. Rosun has funded and collaborated on numerous clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in the support of branded herbal products. Our research includes the screening of medicinal plants for pharmaceutical benefits and the identification and development of new principles for extraction and purification operations.